Translation Agency

Welcome to Linguascandtranslations

Who are we?

We are a team of skilled translators who co-operate to create high-qualitative translation work for your business.

How do we achieve this?

All texts submitted to us run through a translation process and a proof reading procedure. According to our standards proof reader and translator must not be the same person. 

What about our rates?

We are concerned to be cost effective and have the ambition to keep all costs down enabling a good price for our customers. Often the customer is charged per word, but for bigger jobs, quotes per 1000 words are applicable. 

Furthermore, returning customers receive a discount. The discount depends on how many jobs we have been entrusted with from the particular customer.

Quality assurance?

Yes, we have this. If, for any reason, our customers are dissatisfied with our services we will consider cutting down on the cost or even free the customer of any charge or a money back guarantee if pay has already been received.

How can I contact you?

The absolute fastest way is to mail or simply fill in our contact form. Quotes will be given within two hours at the very latest.

About our translators and proof readers

We exclusively work with native speakers of the individual languages we offer. We are very selective in our recruitment process as to who qualifies to work with us and on our home page you will find information about each one of the translators and proof readers we work with. We want you to have confidence in us.